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Fans of the Hana Kimi live action dramas
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Open to discussions, icons, videos, translations, anything related to either or both Hana Kimi drama
This community is dedicated to the two live action series based on Hana Kimi, a fantastic heartwarming manga written by Hisaya Nakajo: Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (Taiwanese) and Ikemen Paradise (Japanese). With much of the Hana Kimi community divided on these two, I wanted to bring together those who are fans of one of the two, or better yet, fans of the two of them, so that they could share their love with other fans.

Because of the differing views on the two, debate and comparison IS actually allowed here-- whether it's comparing the characters, the series as a whole, or even just the music. However, please keep it friendly! The usual community staples are welcome here as well-- icons, fan works, etc. Just a few simple rules to follow please!

1) All posts must pertain to the Hana Kimi dramas or the manga. Discussion about the manga is absolutely allowed, however please be respectful of those who have not finished the series and post any manga spoilers behind a cut.

2) If you get into a debate, please be professional about it. Flaming or personal attacks will by no means be tolerated.

3) No posts that straight out bash a series or character or actor. Example: "I hate ELLA!!" is not a reasonable post. However, thought out "essays" with supporting points about "why I don't feel that Ella makes the best Mizuki" is acceptable.

4) You must LJ Cuts for lengthy posts and more importantly, for spoilers.

5) Respect each other and have fun!